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What does Peace mean to you?


Isn’t Peace an emotional state?

One that begins with feeling safe & secure.


In an outrageous world taking sides and forcing duality, division and fear (based on a belief
there is not enough and we have to fight, compete and compare to survive…)
the only way to win
is not to play.

We cannot out-bully the bully, it only begets more bullies.
We can create something new.

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Change the paradigm.



Follow our true Nature.

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Whole realms of possibility exist just beyond our habitual thoughts and feelings.

We’ve had enough fear, enough suffering, enough isolation.
There is enough. We are enough.


 Imagine that world.


The PEACE GENESIS PROJECT is here to focus energy toward the new paradigm of
peace with enough for all.

We hope it becomes a conversation with quantum leaps possible
as we join and multiply consciousnesses and possibilities
in pursuit of transformation.

Wish to help?


Photos in France & Florida – Cathy Woolsey 2016
Earth photo: Nasa, International Space Station

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