Peace Begins

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The PEACE GENESIS PROJECT offers both a path to PEACE through Healing & Forgiveness & the Seeds for the new Paradigm…




For the first time ever in history
we have global awareness, instantly.

the PARADIGM is broken

For the first time in a very very long time,
the methods we use to provide for our endurance as humans
aren’t working.  Even the pursuit of Peace.

Time to Create a Wholly New One

It is time for us to create a whole new platform of human endeavor
or we will surely perish under the weight of the collapse of our old ideas.

The Peace Genesis Project is born out of 25+ years of exploration, conversation and discovery
of a road to Peace that fits our new global connection and the needs of the times.

Both humans and non-physical consciousness have been involved in the creation of the Peace Genesis Project, a gift from the heart …
and it will only bear fruit with the spirit, heart and hands of humanity.


If you’re interested in seeing an excerpt of the physical –  non-physical interaction,
here is a  YouTube Link  to a clip from “Conversations with SOTU” filmed at CTSB Community Television in Lee MA.  SOTU is channeled by Josh Schwartzbach.

The excerpt includes Adrienne, Josh channeling SOTU and a savy interviewer Steve Schatz – author of the ‘Adima Chronicles’. In this excerpt, Steve had just asked SOTU about the pressure for humanity to evolve and what can one person do to be of service to humanity…and just plain find their way.


What does Peace mean to you?


 Peace is an emotional state.

One that begins with feeling safe & secure.


In an outrageous world taking sides and forcing duality, division and fear (based on a belief
there is not enough and we have to fight, compete and compare to survive…)
the only way to win
is not to play.

We cannot out-bully the bully, it only begets more bullies.
We can create something new.

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Change the paradigm.



Follow our true Nature.

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Whole realms of possibility exist just beyond our habitual thoughts and feelings.

We’ve had enough fear, enough suffering, enough isolation.
There is enough. We are enough.



 Imagine that world.


Who would you be if you had all of your basic needs met???

The PEACE GENESIS PROJECT is here to focus energy toward the new paradigm of
peace with enough for all.

We hope it becomes a conversation with quantum leaps possible
as we join and multiply consciousnesses and possibilities
in pursuit of transformation.

Let’s Start!



Photos in France & Florida – Cathy Woolsey 2016
Earth photo: Nasa, International Space Station

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