Down the Rabbit Hole

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OK….right up front in the spirit of transparency, here comes the spiritual stuff.*

*( Peace Begins with Enough for All means ALL.  Atheist, Fundamentalist, Agnostic, Devout, Whacko, Apathetic and everyone in between. All deserve Enough. )

We have no desire to convince or recruit anyone into our spiritual journey. Spirituality, religion or absence thereof is a purely personal experience and choice.  

The Peace Genesis Project was directly born out of our profound levels of both Healing and Forgiveness.  Our emotional healing and the subsequent forgiveness – of the ‘other’, of ourselves and even of our humanity in transition  – was assisted by – hold onto your hat – a non-physical consciousness we call SOTU.

Yes, we’re talking serious ‘Woo-Woo’.  Question? …of course. Consider? …hopefully.

SOTU is channeled by Josh.  SOTU has been assisting us for over 20 years.  SOTU has also talked to thousands over these years; working deeply, personally, privately and publicly to assist in making our shared transformation easier.

SOTU describes themselves as the ‘energy of growth in our physical universe’.  The essence of their work with us is to help us grow up as a species…to heal the persistent hurts from our childhoods that shape, color and restrict our potential… to forgive from our raging and terrified adolescents in order to reach a platform of identity and understanding…. a platform at the threshold of humanity’s adulthood.

All the while SOTU’s pragmatic and metaphorical story of humanity from the Garden until now gives context, perspective, compassion and understanding of who we are.  And hope that we have a destiny of world peace…when we choose it.

We and SOTU offer information and a PEACE GENESIS PROJECT Workshop in order to affect deep levels of Healing and Forgiveness.  Isn’t it time to get on with creating that future of Peace with Enough for ALL?

No doubt you will wonder about our source and even us.  Yet, if you find these pages ring a note of truth for you, you may find more here:  and see for yourself here:  SOTU on YouTube.

Down the rabbit hole and around the corner …wonders abound.


SOTU through J. Schwartzbach 2015





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