How can you help?

CONSIDER the possibility that humanity is going through a stage of growth from our adolescence as a species to our adulthood as a species.

It doesn’t have to be the end of the world…only growth…
& we CAN grow up.


Find ways to Heal your wounds from the past that keep you re-living negative experiences.
Forgive the abuse, the abusers and ultimately yourself.

We have ways to facilitate lasting healing and freeing forgiveness.

  • HEAL your wounds that keep pain & anger alive

  • FORGIVE growth & your choice to be here now

There is purpose, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is our future, our destiny and our choice to be fully human.


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 Food, Water, Shelter, Healthcare & Education

  • ACT – Find something to do that helps provide Enough for All


  Imagine an adulthood where we take care of ourselves and others, remember how to get along with each other and take care of our home, the earth.

We’re not facing the end of the world…
only the end of our global adolescence.

We can do this together…it as natural as growing up.

The most important thing any of us can do is THINK, SAY, FEEL & ACT on this NEW thought.
All reality starts with a dream, then word and feeling and action.


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FEEL, IMAGINE what that world would be.

Wear a Peace or Peace Begin with Enough for All T-shirt. Spread the word!

Blog with us to kickstart the conversation and reality of Peace with Enough for All.
Every word, thought and feeling of Peace you add, builds the reality.

Tell your friends. Spread the idea!

Send a card.  Spread the word.

SHARE this site.

Collaborate with others… sharing goals & dreams multiplies the ease of manifestation.


Change your belief about change being hard.
It isn’t rocket science.

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Turn  the energy of outrage into the energy of creation.

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Imagine a world where the immense power of technology is directed
toward providing enough for all.

What you focus on grows.



Find a way to give time, energy, resources and care to building the paradigm of Enough for All.


What can you do?


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Try our Seeds of Transformation.. thoughts that with care and attention can
grow a new paradigm.

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Sunset photo: Cathy Woolsey 2016
Earth photo Nile: Nasa, International Space Station

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