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The world is chaotic, frightening and crazy…what can we do about it?  

Each one of us creates our reality 24/7 through our THOUGHTS, our WORDS & our FEELINGS, whether we realize it or not.   The power to change everything rests with each of us.


  Imagine being able to create Peace for yourself….and it ripples and reflects into the world around you.

Take that one step further…

Imagine if a handful… or hundreds or thousands  of people
begin to give thought, word and feeling to the idea that
 Peace Begins With Enough for All.   




 We Will Change the Paradigm


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Stretch your mind enough to imagine a world where a person being born
doesn’t ever have to pay to exist, struggle to live, or ever worry about enough.  

It’s time.  You can help seed consciousness with the truth of who we all are. Let the delusions
of separation, scarcity, better than’s and less than’s evaporate as the lies they’ve always been.

War is not our nature…
and it doesn’t work.





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Live & Let Live


photo: Nasa
Florida & France photos Cathy Woolsey © 2016

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