“The Least among us…..”

It has been said  “An Advanced Civilization measures itself by how the least of its people are doing, not the best.”

Surely we already are an advanced civilization?  Someone… one of the best of us, just sent a car flying into endless space.  Wow!  we must be really something!?

And a child, wounded and misshapen beyond his humanity, shot and killed 17 people in six minutes…most of them children.  All 18, the forgotten least of us.

Children are the least prepared, the least aware of the world, the least capable of protecting themselves; they are part of the least amount us.

An advanced civilization protects its children and knows and cares when one of its children is so hurting and damaged that they are a danger to others.

Caring – love moved to action – focuses its attention on the hurting, the damaged, the lost, the terrified and terrifying, so that protection never even needs to request more guns, higher walls and more people willing to kill another for the security of the ‘civilization’.

When we care about, care for and protect the least amount us – whole and damaged alike – ALL ARE SAFER and Peace is even a possibility.

Peace Begins with Enough for All.
Enough love.     Enough awareness.      Enough care.  

While it will most certainly be an incremental journey of step-by-step changes to insure the safety of the least amount us…with some of the steps taken on the toes of many previously unaware or uncaring …is there a better destination than to become an advanced civilization?

It isn’t rocket science, it’s humanity.

Then when we go flying into space we will represent a civilization worth knowing.





Waterfall – Costa Rica 2008 – © EJA Magical Journeys


Making Peace with the NOW – Live with SOTU – 2018 the Year of Acceptance

A chance to look with SOTU, channeled by Josh Schwartzbach, beyond the current drama and challenges to a world of Enough.

Making Peace in 2018 begins with accepting who we are – as individuals and as the species of Earthly Humanity.

NOW we have an opportunity to change how we grow beyond the need to compare and compete to our natural ability to connect and collaborate with compassion for the journey we’ve each made.

Ask whatever questions you like… find help with your own process of growth.

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There is a ‘Beyond Victimhood’ – Bari’s Journey

A good friend wrote me today – after finding out of a severe health issue for her husband half a world away – of how she gets out of her entrenched victimhood.  

Considering what’s on her plate today, this clarity and hope is inspiring. Kudos to her Spirit!..and thank you to her heart.

My thoughts about victimhood have several approaches. Having been a heavy partaker of victim life, I can share. For a period of time, mostly adolescence to mid-adulthood, I lived in the delusion of fear and hurt from abuse, but my reaction also caused me to desire to make the world a better place.

I ask myself, “How did this serve me?”

Being a victim, separated me from those I believed didn’t suffer like me. I could isolate and wallow in the stew of my ‘lesser than’ attitude. It served me to feel justified in my misery and resentments that I worked hard to keep under control. This served me to believe I could really control myself. Yet coming from a victim stance, I admit, never behaved without the victim pathology driving my actions on some level in all my relationships.

What got me to wake up from my victim belief system?

Many things contributed, self help groups, grief recovery, a new bunch of people who were more clear from their victim life. But the one thing that broke the spell was from Pema Chodron. In her book, The Wisdom of No Escape, she teaches Metta practice. That helped. She also said, I am exactly where I am supposed to be at this time. She was saying to let go of the negative attitudes of victimhood but she was also saying, this circumstance or event is normal, purposeful. And if I stop and get quiet, and cease my noisy and busy adaptations, I will feel what I am feeling instead of numbing, and I will begin to digest my unfinished and blocked experiences. Well, it isn’t easy or pretty. This sitting in my victim and not pushing away or fighting allowed my victim party to end. I knew it was over the day I asked my abuser, “What happened to you?” And my abuser melted into a forgivable and hurt human being.

Then there is the life that happens after victimism.

Because, old habits are hard to intercept.

I continued to use my first question, how does this serve me. And I also asked, “What’s the payoff?” Not just serving me but what is my reward that continues to reinforce my automatic default to act from victim beliefs?

I needed another question to assess my actions. “Is anyone hurting me right now?” I needed to interrupt my chronic unconscious self protection.

And my favorite question, “Who are you going to be?”

This question brings me to ask myself, “Am I going to be powerful or pitiful?”

All my questions focus my behavior. I am asked to be conscious, choose from many options, not just from my victim thinking that I only have one option. I am asked to stop taking from others on a psychic level of energy, in order to get my payoff. I ask myself to access my higher self to adjust my attitudes.

Basically, it’s all in the attitude. I mean attitudes.

I am responsible for who I am. My abuser has nothing to do with who I choose to be. In those days when my unconscious was at the wheel, I wasn’t even paying attention to the abuser driving my actions.

My desire to make the world a better place, changed. I stopped working on changing society and began changing me. A better world starts with me. I have to clean up my intentional and unintentional motives and behavior. And I have to adopt the attitude that I cannot control another person’s behavior and they do not control mine.

I take a committed attitude that I will be the best I can be. And some days that is my best revenge. I became a victimless human being, who joins the human race. That means, while I am liberated from those victim experiences, I also have these shared experiences with others, My aura is clear of my history, my old stories and my identity of an abused person.

It is attitude. When I say powerful, this means power over myself. Abusers damage this type of power in a victim. Healthy power still can be learned. When I have power over myself, I am kind to self and others, I am discerning, I am assessing my mental health and my triggers, I am becoming a serene master of my reality.

This doesn’t mean everything is smooth and easy. The junk still flies around because we are all learning and experimenting for our true self to grow (our indestructible part that is evolving through having this physical life.). Circumstances can throw us from pillar to post. We all get to have difficult situations. No one is exempt. We have the trials and tests to give us opportunities to look at our attitude. Our attitude makes us survivors. Our attitude makes us enlightened survivors. Our attitude makes us creative, innovative, inspired survivors.

(editor’s bold).


Thank you to T-shirt Cathy for pic from Ecuador © 2018


Join the Conversation! PGP Group now on FaceBook


A place for a Conversation of understanding…ourselves & each other.

We’re all different. Yet don’t you have the shared heartfelt desire to reconnect safely while still celebrating our individuality?

Share insights & understanding… with the courage to be wrong in the pursuit of what is right…  and we can dissolve the mistrust between us & move on together.

It’s understandable why we find ourselves in a world of divisive confusion. Let’s use this opportunity to grow beyond our old patterns.

Compassion starts with a choice & is a heart beat away.



Gender Divide – A Conversation to Initiate Bridge Building

A friend of ours offered the following considered exploration around the Gender Divide after a late night conversation on Peace between the genders.  A good place to start Peace Making 2018.

Thank you Bari.   Adrienne’s responses in Blue.    Let the Conversation Begin!


Both gender have X chromosome. Both gender in utero, start out the same, then the sexual predisposition forms the different reproductive and urinary organs. Thus in prenatal we are one.

That is the physical sexual development skit.

I have firsthand experience of a person whose body was male and had female hormones. Some people are hermaphrodite and some people believe their body is one gender while they feel they are the opposite gender. And there are proven extra chromosome people.

That is the physical blend.

Then there is the, let’s say, emotional, mental gender.

One can be raised masculine or feminine. It’s in the news. Or one can be raised as both. Or believe that, they have both.

Shall we promote any of these scenarios?
I believe what is important is to raise children to believe they are Enough, regardless of physical or emotional gender. When I feel good enough about myself it is much easier to appreciate the view from the other side rather than need to fight it. Two heads are better than one.

As humans we long for connection and we crave variety and stimulation. It’s our human mind. We are capable of seeing inside our mind and seeing the environment around us. We can be blind to reality and we can have elaborate fantasy.

With the human brain, you can ask for and even induce new beliefs. There is neuroplasticity and imagination and indoctrination.

How can a ‘better than’ be avoided in the next steps ahead concerning gender?
Perhaps the key – since both genders are needed – is to engender a celebration, a self appreciation, of the gender one is.  One gender is no ‘better than’ the other, nor needs to feel ‘better than’ unless harboring a hidden ‘less than’…which is why a new start begins with self love.
And self appreciation – for our generations who have been through the abuse of false belief systems – is found beyond the healing from and finally forgiveness of the past.  I’ve found it’s an incremental journey.

Is the open-minded accepting group doing the right thing? Is the gender specific group doing the right thing?
Maybe the question is are they supporting self acceptance? ( which is not to be confused with ego).

Some will ask, “What does God say?” If God is the bible, we are not changing a thing for gender.

But if God is one’s heart, that is a God of a different source. Then God shows up with feeling out the right path.

But, to find the right path, the heart has to be stripped of training and experiences both positive and negative. For experience predetermines judgement.
Belief creates behavior that re-enforces beliefs that creates behavior…….. Healing the wounds of the past can allow for new heartfelt experiences.  Harder to love self or others when in pain.

Imagine a heart totally ready to listen to the highest energy of rightness… a heart ready to hear the way to proceed. That heart has to have forgiven all the bad and that heart has to have forgiven all the good. This ultimately ends in letting go of the emotional charge from gender.
Yes.   Emotional Androgyny?

Gender has a bad rap. Gender has its own issues but it is also being blamed for what sex has done. Sex needs to be severed from gender.
I agree.

Gender is physical, it is a feeling and a belief about identity. Sex is action.

Sex can be destructive or procreative. Sex can rule or be squashed. Sex is about power.
It has been used that way. Hard to say ‘power’ without the implicit unsaid meaning of ‘power over’…domination, which happens with deeply seated beliefs in ‘better than’ and ‘less than’ about gender.

So who is on trial in the media? Or, if you wish,  what is on trial? Sex or gender? Is the revolt about M/F or is it about power?

Well it’s about power and gender and sex are accomplices. S and G are unwittingly aiding and abetting power. Gender is aiding with patriarchal consensus. Sex is aiding with its mythology.

The good news is that S and G can function any way one chooses. Ancient historical knowledge demonstrates social behavior with sex having no power and gender did not determine power. Ah, but that was a long time ago, and power experimented with all sorts of ways to establish itself. So power experimented with sex and gender.
I think we’ve all played the game of ‘better than’ and ‘less than’ taking turns on the teeter-totter. I don’t particularly ascribe any power to power cause it just comes down to us folks doing our thing.

And in 2017 people are protesting and outing and breaking the silence about the experiment. The idea of an experiment is rich. An experiment can fail but still be useful. An experiment can teach and move knowledge forward. Experimenting adds another facet to the dialog.

We are in the experiment. We can bond or we can separate the elements. We can use these two things to study the elements. The experiment can be interpreted in different ways. And that is good!

A right winger reads the experiment. A leftist reads the experiment. The truth comes out by discussing the experiment.

The US is an experiment. Each group you look at is a gestalt experiment. When two people interact this is an experiment.

The social experiment is about unconscious and conscious behavior. Who has more power? Who is what gender? Who has sexuality? Who projects on the other. Who is more together? Who is needy? Who is autonomous? Who is triggered? Who is acting out?

Notice something? The answer is not predominantly the masculine or the feminine. Either one can behave mindfully or not.

Both men and women are behaving unconsciously and doing harm. Both men and women are undereducated about power.
– and what self-love actually looks and feels like..much less how to get there.

Solutions can be made. Do you want the painful solutions or the nice ones?

Let’s explore solutions that make baby steps and that can be adjusted easily because what is going to happen?: A new experiment.

Let’s think a while. Let’s talk in ‘discussions’ not declarations. Let’s offer information openhandedly without demanding that information be heard. Let’s inspect power, seeking to learn about power difference. Let’s learn about power in all cultures and find what supports power difference. It’s a new education, a new study, a new hypothesis. The big question is what are we looking for?

SOTU asks, “Who are you going to be?” Well, now power is a topic.
Healing and forgiveness is another way to transform the need for power (over).

One can choose to make adjustments to create equality. Two can do it. Do we need a tipping point? Do we need a poster child? What will make power equality an option for all the competing factions, the powerful, the overwhelmed, etc?

SOTU notes that everyone has a different definition of peace. Perhaps a good exploration by all sides can donate information. Hopefully a clear and utopian mission statement is made to start this experiment.

Where will this mission begin and to where will the mission extend? The very first step is in
oneself. With the first step, the first one approaches another one, then there are two, there
begins a conversation.
Thank you to T-Shirt Cathy for the beautiful pic from Ecuador. © 2018.

Thinking & Feeling – Lets do 2 things at once – A step in Gender Forgiveness.

It can be easier to tackle the complexity of hurt done to both genders by this paradigm if we can move outside seeing ‘male’ and ‘female’.

Let’s look through a different lens.

In Overly Simple World our paradigm has demanded women experience, express and take responsibility for the emotional side of human nature. The feeling human being.

And in Overly Simple World, men have been tasked with doing the thinking, the pragmatic and take responsibility for the lives of others. The thinking human being.

Yet none of us are simple.  We all think, we all feel – often not at the same time which can get us in a pickle.   Yet with a bit of awareness, choice and effort we can begin to think & feel at the same time. Thinking & Feeling together usually leads to better choices in a complex world.

Gender Peace can start within realizing how much we can do to understand the ‘other’ by making peace with our own Thinking & Feeling.



Bridging The Gender Divide – LIVE with SOTU – PEACE Making in 2018

Don’t want things to get more divisive?

Let’s begin to mend the one divide that affects Everyone.

A chance to look with SOTU, channeled by Josh Schwartzbach,  beyond the current divisiveness around gender to a paradigm beyond the damage and misunderstandings between the genders.

Making Peace in 2018 starts with gender.  Each belief and assumption about  who we are and who ‘the other’ is that we are willing to question begins to free us from the unworkable patterns and pain of the past.

Ask whatever questions you like… have help to begin your own healing process.

Friday, February 23

Live & Skype available – limited number – RSVP appreciated to insure a spot.

By Donation for the channel’s time.
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Realizing we have been victimized can be stunning, take our breath for a moment and quickly turn outward to righteous blame. Yet blame is only the pivot point halfway to our freedom.

If we cling to our victimization and blame and don’t continue moving forward we lose the freedom, wholeness and happiness that lies on the other side of Healing.  (And we secretly use the entitlement that victimhood gives us for a pass to our own bad behavior or not taking responsibility for creating the future.)

While others are responsible for victimizing/hurting us, we are the only one responsible for putting ourselves back together… healing ourselves from their abuse.  It may not seem fair, but it does promote awareness and growth, if we learn. Yippee!

Healing and Forgiveness – solo journeys –  are the only ways out of the past and our prisons of pain. Blame will NEVER unlock the door.


“Argue for your limitations and they will be yours.” – Lazaris, channeled by Jack Pursel


Live & Let Live Starts with Putting Down the The Double Edged Sword of Deceit

Husband:  “I’m going out to the store. Be back in an hour.”

Wife: “Ok”

An hour and a half later:  “I’m home honey.”

“Where were you?”  What was he up to?

“Aw, just ran into people at the store, you know…Jesse and them.”

He hates Jesse…why would he talk to him for half an hour…where was he REALLY?

“Where have you been, did you go see that girl????”

“I told you, I was at the store! I HATE being unjustly accused!!!!”

The chill frost of mistrust tinged with anger fills the room.

Why does she do this?  There’s nobody more loyal than me.  She doesn’t get me at all!   What am I doing with her if she does’t even know me.

See girl, stay on your guard, you can’t trust him.

Neighbor comes over:   “Hey guy, saw you at the store and I really liked the way you gave it to Jesse.  He’s got to wise up to what’s really going on.”

I was wrong?!… again..I’m such a stupid piece of….
Wife catapulting into a pool of self doubt……I can’t trust myself… ever… when will I remember!!! ….  (guilt seasoned with a dash of self-loathing.)

 I don’t deserve his love.  How can I trust him when he says he loves me when I’m this piece of ***.  Back to square one.

Funny isn’t it, that when we lie to someone…’get it over on them’….we risk that they may find out and there goes their trust of us.   Yet we’ve been taught by the subtle hand of society that getting it over on another is kinda worth it …that the best way to survive in a world of survival of the fittest is to get it over on someone else.

OK …we’re mostly grown up enough now, are conscious and moral enough to know that’s not ‘good’ or how we wish to be treated.  And still we deceive …others and ourselves.

When we deceive another we not only break their trust of us…but we break their trust in themselves.  They trusted us, we deceived  them and now their trust radar is damaged.  When we don’t trust ourselves we don’t assess others well and make mistakes in knowing who and when to trust. We get burned again and again.  Our trust in others and ourselves decays.

And so it goes, round and round, down and down to the chilled landscape of security systems installed to know if our security systems are secure enough to trust our security systems. And fiery pools of poisonous rage just looking for an outlet or scapegoat.  Cause broken trust is painful and we will blame ourselves or others.

Husband:  ” When did I ever lie to you?”

Wife: “I don’t know….”

The only way to win is not to play.  If we wish to agree to Live & Let Live it can only happen by building a foundation of trust.  Which can only happen when we put down deceit because when fragile trust is broken it has to be re-built brick by brick.  Start all over from square one.

Love, on the other hand, may exist no matter what…it has amazing resilience. Someone can tromp all over us and we can still love them….it takes a lot to break love.

And then underneath it all are the societal lies we have believed.  The very lie that the feminine is inherently evil has damaged us all.  The lie that the masculine has to take responsibility for more than themselves, even to give its life for humanity to survive asks too much. On a daily basis now we see the price paid and the divisive patterns replayed…again and again and again.

Husband:  “Why don’t you trust me?”

Wife:  “Because you love me!”

From the resiliency of the platform of Love – of other and self – can we dare to put down the double edged sword of deceit?  Can we not only put down the sword pointed at others but also question the lies we have been told for generations?  Can we love ourselves enough to stop participating in the societal lies and re-learn how to trust ourselves and then ultimately others?  

Imagine a world where Love is married to a real Trust rebuilt brick by brick?   A miraculous synergy opening the door to the largely unexplored territory of more… 1 + 1 = a milky way of possibilities of creation.   The new adventure for humanity.

Peace Begins with Enough for All …all the boys and girls.



Beyond Balance…the one thing we all can agree on.


We are all one. No we’re not.

I’m in it all alone.
Like flocks of birds wheeling in a change of direction all at once, we are in this together.

Humanity is on the verge of cataclysm (the only way for everybody to wake up or leave, because we are basically flawed)…and I can’t do anything about it (because I’m basically not enough).
My thoughts, words and feelings have unseen rippling affect on the reality around me…I am enough and doing what I came to this life/reality to do.

I believe in ‘Live & Let Live’.
I wish ‘they’ would get the hell off my planet.

Our minds are beautiful in the kaleidoscopic myriad of beliefs we can express about who we are and what we’re capable of, diversity is our savior.
We can’t see eye to eye or even relate to anyone else nowadays.

Our hearts know love, it is at the center of who we are.
Our hearts know loss and betrayal and never wish to experience it again.

War is part of our nature.
Our true nature is to love unconditionally….look to the outpouring in the opportunities afforded by tragedy.

Freedom means doing as I choose.
True freedom only comes when all are safe so that willful harm is not even a possibility.


Peace is the illusive, dreamed of end.
Peace is only the beginning of humanity’s adventure.

I create my reality 100%.
I’m in a great dance of co-creation with Nature, Spirit and all of humanity.

We cannot agree on anything that matters.

We can agree on one thing.

I need Food, Water, Shelter, Healthcare & Education to survive.
You need Food, Water, Shelter, Healthcare & Education to survive.

We ALL need Food, Water, Shelter, Healthcare & Education to survive.

A good place to start, from the ground up….Peace Begins with Enough for All.




Birds photo: By U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters (Sudden flight) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0) or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Rainbow Rain photo © 2017 T-Shirt Cathy – thank you


Beyond Rules & Roles

When angry & frustrated because the Rules are no longer working and the Roles no longer fit…FAIRNESS is a workable replacement for Rules & Roles. Fairness fits any situation and stands the test of time.

We all know what is fair, (whether we act on it or not), which is why earthly humanity can become an advanced civilization…a civilization that measures how the least of us is doing, not the best.

Fairness is the compass that guides us home.
…and is a cool antidote for the heat of an angry moment.


Surviving our Hearts

Wrapping up the day in the gardens on our small farm, I came to the stack of wooden boxes that  house and conceal traps for varments – mice, voles and such.  I needed to put them away, but not this day, too tired.  However I did open the top box.  A quick movement and glint of sun on whisker caught me by surprise.  Alive !?  No, just the warm June breeze gently lifting the whiskers of a mouse well caught and dead…but just barely.  The aliveness in the fur and the whisker’s tender movement, it was as if the door on that small life had just closed.

I dropped the top back in place quickly,  the momentary intrusion stunned me and broke my heart.  Surprise!  Now don’t get me wrong, farm life and death has steeled me to the hard realities. I’ve learned to kill those creatures that threaten my crops, threaten the food for quite a few people I care about.  Even the ‘aw how cute’ chipmunk can fall to my ‘shovel to the head’ if the trap doesn’t do the job.  Heartless.  And necessary.

That night, well worn by a day of work I went to bed before my husband. It was his turn to stay up to close up the chickens for the night.  Sleep eluded me as I heard the tv from downstairs talking about the future of humanity as cyborgs –  the exciting marriage of machine/technology with our human bodies.  WE WILL BECOME BETTER!… if I am to believe the voice standing between me and sleep.  I rattled around in the bed, half disturbed by the notions of humans becoming smarter and stronger in the future.  We’d be able to conquer the bodily frailties, maybe time itself and be ever so much more clever and inventive all the while…bigger, smarter, faster bombs.  Finally I wrapped myself in enough blankets to shut off the troubling thoughts; my only comfort was knowing I’ll probably die before that day arrives.

Who do we humans wish to become?  Smart to the point of brilliant.  Strong to the point of invincible. Smart. Strong. Smart. Strong. Smart. Strong.  All the answers instantly at hand and the indestructible hands to implement them.  That’s all we need, right?

Wait a minute, what about the snowflakes?  ‘Snowflake’ is a illustrative and apt slang for the highly sensitive, collapse in a hot moment young generations of humanity coming on board now.  They scream in their quiet way at us to consider the melting point of the heart…how vulnerably sensitive humans can be.  The emotional us.  The changeable, mercurial, feeling humans.   Our core experience, whether we are aware of it or not.  Under the callous, underneath the steeling we have all done in order to just plain survive.  Under the never caught off guard pat patterns that have blinded us to believe that life is about being stronger, smarter or eternal.

Because the real us is so…vulnerable.

A friend once told me that the Egyptian hieroglyph for brain or maybe it was thinking, was the same as the hieroglyph for toy.  Maybe that multi-thousand year civilization knew more of who we ultimately are that we do now; not simply brain/computer, not only body/dust, but underneath it all we are ultimately heart/soul.

Can we make good use of our toy, stretch the science to save us from our own hearts?  Can we find the motherboard that teaches the heart how to open again in safety?  Can we delete the rage, after backing up its energy to use for better purposes?   Is there an app for compassion?  A peripheral for patience?   Can we be taught the technology of tenderness?   Can the future humanity value the skill of well placed trust and wise vulnerability?  Is there a chip that will translate bodily strength and mental brilliance into the appropriately used support team for our true emotional nature?  Can we engineer ourselves to finally be fully human and humane?

Let’s be ready for the moments when despite our labored efforts, our hearts break through or break again.  Surprise!  This is who we really are.   Let’s move toward a human condition that doesn’t require a tragedy in order to shine.   Here is the real work of the future…to create a world where we can all actually become ourselves.   Imagine…Smart, Strong & Caring… and Caring…and Caring…in other words, real.




Find your Inner Mother…

i remember hearing a Russian saying – roughly paraphrased  – that ‘every bullet strikes the heart of a Mother’.

And today, my husband found this quote from President Eisenhower in 1953:

” Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.

This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. The cost of one modern heavy bomber is this: a modern brick school in more than 30 cities. It is two electric power plants, each serving a town of 60,000 population. It is two fine, fully equipped hospitals. It is some fifty miles of concrete pavement. We pay for a single fighter with a half-million bushels of wheat. We pay for a single destroyer with new homes that could have housed more than 8,000 people. . . .

This is not a way of life at all, in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron.”[1][5]

Isn’t it TIME for us to Mother ourselves, no matter our gender …

Peace Begins with Enough for All.

Happy Mother’s Day to each & every one of us where ever we are.


Stand Up and Be Common

A friend recently told me we were being ‘run’ (politically) by the lowest common denominator.

Later that day, as I was working in the gardens, actually digging deeply in the dirt, up to my knuckles, I realized the lowest common denominator was our shared physical body experience. Even though individual, we are all alive and all have bodies that all have the same basic needs.  A common shared experience.

After our shared experience of physicality and its needs; we’re as unique, individual and as changeable as the bits of glass in a kaleidoscope of universal dimensions.

How did lowest common denominator come to mean the basest, the lowest in value, the idiot, the ‘common’ meaning least desirable…..why did it get such a bad rap?

Don’t we need to focus on what is common among us NOW?…before we are fractionalized into the oblivion of fission gone to infinity….more alone, more insignificant, more afraid, more angry every day.  Speaking of fractions and the mathematical root of the phrase, “To add two fractions together, they must have the same denominator.”  We already share the same denominator…we are physical.

Our lowest common denominator is that which could, in a reasoning world, bring us together in connection, compassion and even cooperation. Make sure EVERYONE’s basic survival, earth based, physical needs are taken care of.  IT IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE.  It is ‘common’ sense..that which we all share..if we but stop and think for a moment.

It time to stand up for our right…’to live and let live’ our common lives, united by our shared lowest denominator. The Physical … the Earth …Life.  Celebrate!



The best way…..

The best way to take care of Self is to add to the paradigm where All are are cared for.

The best way to take care of the All is to value the worth of each individual Self for the unique part they play.




photo of Phraya Nakon Cave in Thailand by Ema on Flicker https://www.flickr.com/photos/emanate28/32919997


‘Yeah, but…’ – the first key to PEACE


No doubt about it…we are in a world of change.  And like it or not we’re in it together.  The personal choices we make each day have impact on where our one and only world is going.  Damn lot of responsibility with no user manual if you ask me.

I remember bringing my first child home from the hospital after birth and wondering what the **** do I do now?  The whole world feels like that now.  Every day we’re bombarded with lies and shifting/slithering underneath is the truth that no one really knows what to do.

Bandaid solutions that work one day, don’t the next. Buying an all natural soap seems a teeny, tiny personal step toward planetary ecological stability until the next day when I find out the palm oil in it may be destroying the orangutan’s habitat.  We are inextricably linked to our physical reality and Nature, like it or not.

I wake up every day in my body as vehicle, creating and moving through my life while simultaneously seeing that we’re collectively about to drive off a cliff. Climate change, financial system breakdown, war as distraction, destruction and ineffective solution. Why don’t we naturally, automatically know how to take care of ourselves?

Where is our map quest, google, moral compass…anything???  Ahhhh!!!!

Calm down.  Let’s try common sense to guide us; after all it is pure common sense that PEACE BEGINS with ENOUGH for ALL.  Who can argue that people who feel safe are happier and less warlike than people who aren’t?  Pretty clearcut path to it too…make sure that every single living person has enough FOOD, WATER, SHELTER, HEALTHCARE & EDUCATION to survive.  Point our collective vehicles in that direction and drive.

Yeah, but….

Ah hah!  the ‘Yeah, buts’…the first concrete barrier (something to move in order to get from here to where we’re going) – clue to finding our way, finding our lost moral compass, finding our ‘Human Beings’ – The User’s Manual.  Remember?…its hidden in each of us….buried underneath a few thousands of years of adolescent beliefs and traumas ( remember your adolescence – the almost daily drive through trauma & drama – well imagine that on a species wide level and we get ….today’s news ).

Think about it.  Its not like we don’t have the solutions for many of our problems, we only lack the collective desire.  The edge of the cliff is fast approaching… time to let go of the species wide autopilot… and consciously, individually choose our destiny.  Pull up!

Yeah, but…there’s not enough. Yes, there is.
Yeah, but…I’m not enough to change anything. Yes, we each are enough to change our own life…and none of us can do it all alone…so it really comes down to we are enough.

Yeah, but…(here’s where providing 1 or 2 of the 5 requisites for sustainable human life on Earth seems impossible to you – FOOD, WATER, SHELTER, HEALTHCARE & EDUCATION )…yeah but, its impossible!

A wise friend once told me “Argue for your limitations and they shall be yours.”  

Each ‘Yeah, but…’ can be a new starting point in this world of change.  Each ‘Yeah, but…’ is an opportunity to turn around and argue against our seeming limitations.  Seems too much?   What is the alternative…put energy into our limitations?   Take heart, just look back at how far humanity has come in the past 100 years without even having a collective desire… only personal desires to be or have more than we did yesterday.   We’re a pretty impressive species…imagine uniting all or even some of that firepower toward enough for all.  We’d be amazing in no time.

And in case you’ve been in a cave for the last 5 years..that’s close to what we have.

So, instead of pulling our hair out or blaming the other guy, let’s argue with our own ‘Yeah, buts…’ until they transform into at least  ‘well, maybe…’  or even  ‘Damn straight we can!’.  Let’s gather with others to drive it home that our destination/destiny is inextricably shared.  We each have a piece of PEACE to create.  So let’s choose the real freedom that only flowers with Peace.


Peace Begins with Enough for All.




Ollantaytambo, Peru © 2017 EJA Magical Journeys


Do you believe that life, the world are fair?  Or could be?

Interesting that the word ‘fair’ can mean both ‘just/equitable’ and ‘beauty’.  And is there anything more beautiful to the soul than real and fair justice?  When dualities are resolved and no one is getting the better of another.  A moment when we stand on a level playing field lit by the truth that we are all of the same species with no one ‘better than’ or ‘less than’ another.  Rings down to our feet with a rightness that says life will ultimately correct injustices and we can all move on together.  A righting of the ship. Beautiful.

Here at the the Peace Genesis Project we’re old enough to have lived through quite a number of righting of the ships…so we know it is possible.  Now, can we together create fairness, a level playing field for the entire world?  Could start with “Each person has the right to at least their survival needs met as far as Food, Water, Shelter, Healthcare & Education”.

We’re curious what you all, especially the younger generations**, think about fairness in this world.  A myth, a destiny, an abstract goal never to be met, only possible in one’s personal life?

Please take our survey https://www.peacegenesisproject.org/tools-for-transformation/survey/ and we’ll report back to you through the Newsletter (Sign up above) early 2017.

** Some very illuminating information on repeating generational patterns here: http://fourthturning.com    Reveal of the value and role each generation plays in times of great change.  Each generation plays a crucial part on our ship of human destiny.   We have so much to learn from each other.  It is, after all,  only fair.







Photo – Arctic Henge in Iceland  © J. Salm Photography
Photo – Ring of Brodgar, Orkney, Scotland © EJA Magical Journeys


Willing to Question Your Beliefs? – We Can Change Everything

It is unavoidable; life is forcing all of us to question and try to find some truth.  My husband Josh and I are passionate explorers of human potential/consciousness and we like to report back on what we’ve discovered; what drives us as humans.  Right now we seem to be looking at the Grand Canyon of Confusion with noisy flocks of increasing polarities/dualities obscuring the  human truth at the bottom of the contradictions.  So Josh and I sought to find truth without getting caught in the swirling polarities of confusion.

The descent.
Every day the NEWS explodes with US/THEM polarities across the screen.  It feels like a huge centrifugal force is separating us into encampments based on Politics, Race, Religion, Gender, Ethnicity, Sexual Preference, Place of Birth, economic status, fitness, smarts, hair color, eye color, lawn size, time of birth, choice of toothpaste.  OK!…we’re not that bad…yet.  Ahhhhh!   Absurd.  Looks like cellular division gone wild and just as dangerous to us.  Don’t fall for it, it’s still a long way down to the truth.

Why do we even divide into us/them when on the same evening NEWS we can clearly see there is really only us?  Don’t we feel for people when seeing a tragedy on the other side of the world happening to people of different skin, language, gods, lawn size, toothpaste…. And yet the very next day the gut buys into some different variation of us against them.  I recently heard a progressive TV host say “Keep Fighting “ to his audience.  Why does this even make sense to us? There is a perfect place for fighting….keep reading, its at the bottom of the abyss.

If someone from another planet came here to assess humanity’ s growth (if), they would wonder about the survival of humanity.  Isn’t it universal knowledge/common sense to care for your family..ours being our small world of human beings?  (Peace Begins with Enough for All is not rocket science or beyond us, is it?)   And yet we’re ready to fight for us against them automatically.

Going deeper.
Seems to be the automatic that is in question.  My  gut reactions when I play an us/them are much deeper and visceral than common sense can sway.  Feelings.  It is primal…seems like survival and defies questioning.  It makes a paradigm of competition and comparison, survival of the fittest make more sense than all the clear logic of our shared humanity.

Close to the bottom, narrowing it down.
We have climbed down deep into the canyon, down under the feelings and found the walls meet at the bottom in 2 lies.  Plain and simple.   2 lies that most of humanity takes as truth.   2 lies that have us walking a narrowing path of fear.  2 lies that have us trapped with no way out. 2 simple lies keep the mask of division/competition/war more real to our gut than all evidence of our shared humanity.  We’ve each bought one or both of them.  They are at the bottom of so much  pain, isolation, violence and just plain bullshit.

Lie 1. There is not Enough
Lie 2. I am not Enough

The very bottom.
These 2 beliefs are terrifying.   Once we’re terrified, us/them and bad behavior are automatic unquestioned weapons of defending against slipping further into the abyss.  Even war becomes plausible.  Come on, look at yourself and people you know, people are not naturally  greedy and violent unless holding on for dear life.  We’ve come to question the nature of humanity …and find it falling short…rather than question these 2 lies.  We believe we’re bad rather than question  ‘Enough’.

And these 2 lies are shameful. In this pit of dismay of the human spirit, this is the place to stand and fight.  Say ‘No!!!!!’  At the depths of the bottom, so all the us/thems can evaporate into the vapor they are.  Find the courage to question the lies, not human nature and like Eddie the Eagle we will fly. Imagine enough people questioning these lies and our entire species could throw off the shackles of division and the dangerous realities they produce.  Isn’t it time say ENOUGH!

Climbing up and out.

Question lie 1. ” There is not enough.”  Look around, there really is Enough.  Just because some people are better hoarders (because they really believe the lie) doesn’t mean there is not enough.   Enough to take care of everyone’s survival needs.  Imagine who you would be if you and everyone else had their basic needs met as far as Food, Water, Shelter, Healthcare and Education.  It is doable.  It will take an attitude adjustment and to do a better job of sharing.  Can we do that?   Seems when we see that tragedy halfway around the world on the NEWS we remember it is as natural as breath to care about each other, our family.

Out on a bit of a ledge.
Question lie 2. “I am not Enough.”  – ( a trickier one)  When I believe I’m not enough, me against the world is a really scary place.  Truthfully, none of us do it alone, whether we secure our reality by money or love or some combination; we are in fact intricately dependent on each other.  The fears can come both when we forget we actually are intertwined with each other and think we’re in it alone…and when we realize how much we need others.  Realistically, I may not be enough to do it all alone, but we are when we choose to align toward a common goal.   (Peace Begins with Enough for All is a great goal to start with.)

Beyond the 2 lies climbing out of the abyss, the view of our intricate interdependence is breathtakingly beautiful.

Global awarenesses of our shared life/impact is apparent.  The TRUTH is we have one planet and one intricately interdependent humanity.  And together we are more than enough.   The motivation of basic morality/decency is more productive, heart filling and even fun than the old, worn out,  shameful beliefs in inadequacy.  Imagine for a moment… the entire world with the shared goal of protecting humanity.  Stunning!  Could happen.

Finding your own path out.  
I can only tell you what we have found.  Take small steps, chosen with care so as not to fall back into these painful lies, or be knocked about emotionally by the flocks of fear born dualities and confusion.  Each day we are given opportunities to question the shameful lie that we, you, I am not enough to meet the challenges ahead.  Deny and disprove the lies that there is not enough.   When you find yourself arguing  with a ‘Yeah, but…’ argument for the inadequacy of others, reality or yourself, question it.   Usually a stubborn attachment to inadequacy is a red flag for parts of oneself that are hurting.  Attend to them with healing and then forgiving the ‘others’ becomes easier.  When finding fighting appealing, take a moment to ask which of the 2 lies is drawing you ever closer to the edge.  Is the voice inside you telling you that you are better than the other, or less than the other?  Stop.  It is a lie.

Because it just takes small choices in moments we each have every day to, like a kaleidoscope, change the paradigm entirely.

Enormous change???  Yes.  Doable. Yes!   After all, we have to believe humanity’s maturation is as natural as growth.  We each get what we believe and impossible is an ever-changing opinion..especially for us humans.  There is enough and we are enough and you are enough.

Myriads of beautiful spreading vistas of possibility exist… just over the horizon, beyond the canyon walls.




After all, the only way to win is not to play.

Peace Begins with Enough for All





Back to the Pragmatic…Metaphorically Speaking



Imagine power for all. The faintest movement, multiplied by hundreds/thousands can create enough power to live by. And you thought I was talking politics!

Just like our individual choices to create Peace…so many opportunities offered every day…they can add up to an empowered life we can all live harmoniously.

These ‘trees’ grow hope.



Photo: OffGridWorld.com


Exceptional Bullshit – Beyond the Entitlement of Birth, in Search of the Heart of Democracy

It dawned on me this summer, after watching “The Imitation Game“,  why the whole idea of American Exceptionalism is bullshit.  Exceptionalism belongs to all of humanity.  Americans, like everyone else in the world, have to demonstrate exceptionalism, one soul at time, one choice at a time.  Damn it, I’m going to have to work for it!

I’m an American woman.  No design or innate superiority/inferiority was at play in my birth, simply my Mother was in America when her water broke.  I entered this world on a piece of ground no better or worse than another. Earth is Earth is Earth everywhere. I landed, that’s good enough for me.

My parents were white, so I am too. Although if I am to believe the ads for genetic mapping now available to the public, I wouldn’t be surprised to find my genetic heritage is more multihued than simple ‘white’.  Cool!   Expanded potential to relate to another human…maybe.

I was born one of the only two choices of gender available to our species. These 3 facts of birth mean absolutely nothing… until, like a magnet with iron filings, I attract/choose all sorts of meanings about me because of my nationality, ethnicity and gender.  (Nationality, ethnicity and gender;  three big inescapable hinges upon which we decide who we are…obviously religion can be a huge device of division/identity, but deserves its own rant.)

And how could I not take on and become the beliefs swirling around and through me???  The woman I suckled from had beliefs flowing through her mind and heart, just as the woman she had suckled from. And the world was a lot smaller in grandma’s and grandpa’s day, so were their beliefs.  The air around me was filled with the conversations, arguments, petty hurts, hidden jealousies and monumental lies that fill all our lives. We come into a soup that used to be easier to digest. Not now; we’re daily challenged with instant, huge global contradictions.  Our many pasts, feared futures, a murmured opinion on the other side of the world, a sideways glance, a toy gun mistaken, collide instantly rippling out/invading our consciousness. Control?  We’re way past that, with the future hurtling toward us.

It came clear to me as I pulled weeds in the garden, all the while talking to my helpmate.  She’s younger than me, so the implicit right of ageism means I tell her stuff about the world.
I rambled on about how we Americans came back from the second World War with a sense of ‘right’ unparalleled.  We’d clearly won against ‘evil’!   Born in the 50’s, I remember growing up in that air.  The American way had prevailed.  It had ‘Right’, ‘Might’ and it was innate.  Must be our democracy, that idea that each individual voice counted and our government represented the will and voice of the people.  We won against evil so America and Americans were GOOD. Simple, clear, clean, right, perfect.

Well, during the last 70 years, the world has exploded with awarenesses, complications, contradictions, knowledges and lies. The field of competition now global and the naive but heartfelt sense of ‘good’ of America in the 50’s has morphed into the cudgel of ‘exceptionalism’ that has slithered in to take the place of the responsibility of real morality.  After all, it is easier in the face of a multiple choice reality that questions our meaning and value daily.  Easier to believe that the fact I was born white in American is enough. Try to go back to sleep. Yeah, try.

So, the fact that the Allies actually won the war because of cool, logical mathematical calculations, as revealed in “The Imitation Game“, was in the words of my generation ‘Mind Blowing’.   We’re not innately GOOD, simply capable of calculating.  Don’t get me wrong, many, many rose and were in the moment of choice brave, heroic, exceptional in the World War. They fought on all sides and the choice to rise and meet the moment – then as now – is as solo, solitary and individual as each of us.  Exceptionalism is not innate to country, ethnicity or gender. Courage does not pass down through genetics or bequeathed by a passport; it is found in the soul and the heart of the individual.

Waves of realization are crashing all around us. We are all facing changes and challenges at once so monumental and intimately personal that the old bulwarks of identity no longer work. Where I was born, doesn’t matter.  Ethnicity is but a color swatch with no meaning beyond what we give it.  And now even gender can be changed. Reality is forcing us to stand naked in the sight …of each other.  Naked and as vulnerable as what we all…ALL…ALL are.  Human.   Earthly Human by birth.  And that is enough, isn’t it?

Each voice does count. The individual is good enough.  Isn’t that really at the heart of democracy?  And exceptionalism is a choice, presented often in these times of change.  Can we rise to the moment and be human?   These days being human, really human, has become a rare  act of exceptionalism.  As always, it is up to us.  Awesome isn’t it.

No matter gender, no matter color, no matter where on the earth, under what set of beliefs we arrive.  We are each part of the Human Race.

Peace Begins with Enough for All.



© photo Florida Sunset – 2016 – T Shirt Cathy