“The Least among us…..”

It has been said  “An Advanced Civilization measures itself by how the least of its people are doing, not the best.”

Surely we already are an advanced civilization?  Someone… one of the best of us, just sent a car flying into endless space.  Wow!  we must be really something!?

And a child, wounded and misshapen beyond his humanity, shot and killed 17 people in six minutes…most of them children.  All 18, the forgotten least of us.

Children are the least prepared, the least aware of the world, the least capable of protecting themselves; they are part of the least amount us.

An advanced civilization protects its children and knows and cares when one of its children is so hurting and damaged that they are a danger to others.

Caring – love moved to action – focuses its attention on the hurting, the damaged, the lost, the terrified and terrifying, so that protection never even needs to request more guns, higher walls and more people willing to kill another for the security of the ‘civilization’.

When we care about, care for and protect the least amount us – whole and damaged alike – ALL ARE SAFER and Peace is even a possibility.

Peace Begins with Enough for All.
Enough love.     Enough awareness.      Enough care.  

While it will most certainly be an incremental journey of step-by-step changes to insure the safety of the least amount us…with some of the steps taken on the toes of many previously unaware or uncaring …is there a better destination than to become an advanced civilization?

It isn’t rocket science, it’s humanity.

Then when we go flying into space we will represent a civilization worth knowing.





Waterfall – Costa Rica 2008 – © EJA Magical Journeys


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