Thinking & Feeling – Lets do 2 things at once – A step in Gender Forgiveness.

It can be easier to tackle the complexity of hurt done to both genders by this paradigm if we can move outside seeing ‘male’ and ‘female’.

Let’s look through a different lens.

In Overly Simple World our paradigm has demanded women experience, express and take responsibility for the emotional side of human nature. The feeling human being.

And in Overly Simple World, men have been tasked with doing the thinking, the pragmatic and take responsibility for the lives of others. The thinking human being.

Yet none of us are simple.  We all think, we all feel – often not at the same time which can get us in a pickle.   Yet with a bit of awareness, choice and effort we can begin to think & feel at the same time. Thinking & Feeling together usually leads to better choices in a complex world.

Gender Peace can start within realizing how much we can do to understand the ‘other’ by making peace with our own Thinking & Feeling.



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